Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The calm before the storm

For the last 6 days, I have not been Lymeywifey, I have been normalwifey, and it's great! Apologies in advance to those who are still stuck in the depths of Lymeville, I know it can be hard to hear about people doing stuff you can only dream of doing.

So after a period of a few months where I've not really felt normal at all, just constant crappiness and wibbliness, it is a welcome change. I've been making the most of it by going a bit crazy doing stuff- I know it won't last and grimness is on the horizon when my new drugs arrive and I can start my slime blob (Protomyxzoa rheumatica) regime.

In a fit of athletic prowess, I decided to walk up our local wee hill with kiddo in the backpack. I was sort of anticipating leg meltdown halfway and having to turn back, but I just kept going and we made it to the top (and back again). Fantastic. While I was in remission I was doing that and the neighbouring hill about once or twice a week, carrying kiddo and stomping up no bother. Since I've relapsed a year ago, I've been up once, and that was with my partner to carry kiddo and using crutches on the way down. This time I took walking sticks and used them and kiddo ran all the way down, which was a help since downhill is much worse for my legs. I wasn't even broken afterwards! Yeah, I did require a 2 hr nap straight after and was a bit elvisy that night, but basically fine. Fandabbydozy!

Very very chuffed.
The following day we went to a vintage steam fair with friends. I could walk fine, no symptoms at all. was nawty and ate a donut and vension burger- compulsory really, but no nasty effects bar a bit of bloating.  Then that evening we had a rare evening out- brother in law was playing a gig, so we went along. I was super nawty and had a pint of ale, which gave me a hangover, but at least I felt normal for a while. The following day I didn't do a  great deal, but the day after I was raking dead moss from the lawn and hoovering. Granted, I only did a tiny bit of  moss raking and had to collapse on the sofa after the hoovering, but not bad at all. 

Last night the shooting pains were back and I couldn't carry kiddo up the stairs this morning, so I suspect I'm heading for flare-o-clock. I've totally lost track of my 4 week cycle since I stopped doing a diary and was just quite sick most of the time. I'll have to get back to diary-keeping actually.

Dreading the new regime - a completely new set of drugs, most of which I've never tried before. Should be interesting. At least if I herx badly, I know there's still a fair bit of work to do in the war on my various bugs.

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